If you only had a couple of minutes to “awe” a potential client, what would you say and how would you do it?  Here’s our suggestion… 

Our Client

BSA LifeStructures is an architectural and engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana that focuses on designing solutions that improve the lives of people in the healing, learning and discovery markets.

The Project

BSA wanted to produce an About Us (Corporate Profile) video that would celebrate their story, highlight their growth and at the same time cast a vision of their future.  The project also required us to show how the company uses technology and works as a team in order to engage with clients.  And lastly, the video had to be a valuable tool to recruit talent, as it shows what it feels like to work at the company.  And with that in mind, we went to work…

This was a very challenging and complicated project from both logistics and messaging perspectives. It involved coordinating schedules of 10 of the company’s top officials and bringing them together for two to three days to BSA’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our day one started by scouting the office and setting up markers throughout the office so we could place our cameras, lights and audio equipment for next day’s shoot.  Day two consisted of filming 15 interviews in 15 different locations!  We wanted every interview to have its own look and feel.  We also created three additional videos covering other subjects so coordinating the content and interview questions for each person was a huge puzzle that BSA’s local marketing team helped us.  Day three was dedicated to film office footage (b-roll) and a quick trip to Purdue University to shoot a short testimonial video.  Day four was a half day so we stopped at Fisher Hospital for a quick testimonial video shoot before heading to the airport.

What made this project so unique and rewarding to us was to see the end result of so much work and preparation and the positive feedback we received from the client.  The fact that so many different individuals can share their thoughts and experiences on camera while telling one single, powerful, engaging story, is priceless!  Their excitement and dedication to their company and their craft is evident!  The video is being used in various platforms and channels and has helped BSA secure new projects.  

If you’re interested in finding out how an “About Us” video can help you prospect more effectively, reach out to us today.  Fill out the contact form and we’ll set-up a quick discovery phone call of 20 minutes or so.  We promise we will never hard-sell.

Brios Media is a video production company based in Raleigh, North Carolina and serves clients throughout the research Triangle area and in all 50 US states. 

Learn more about BSA here.


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