Roof replacement work can be noisy, dirty and unattractive. So how did we make it look interesting? We start by filming from high above…

Our Client

Covenant Roofing is a roofing and construction contractor that focuses on quality products, high standard workmanship and superior customer support. They currently operate in North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia.

The Project

Although the client’s biggest focus is residential roofing work, we were asked to produce a project highlight video for one of their most important commercial roofing projects to date: the Southeastern Theological Seminary in the picturesque town of Wake Forest, NC.

The video would need footage highlighting the Covenant roofing crews installing new shingles on the apartment buildings belonging to the seminary, as well the recently finished roofs on the beautiful campus. With multiple buildings spread across a wide area, we knew it would be too time consuming and, frankly, dangerous to get a camera operator onto every roof to get the necessary footage. The solution was simple but elegant: We would film exclusively with our 4K video drone, operated by our extremely talented drone pilot, Jon Warlick. In a matter of a few hours, we were able to capture all the shots we needed, and then some.

Communication between our production and post-production team was vital, a great example being the use of “speed ramps” in the video. A “speed ramp” is where an editor will accelerate, i.e. “ramp up”, or decelerate the speed of footage for visual effect. But the editor needs a long enough clip with enough motion to make the “speed ramp” visually apparent to the audience. Armed with this knowledge ahead of time, our drone operator was able to get a plethora of shots for our editor to work with.

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Learn more about Covenant Roofing & Construction here.


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