One of the biggest challenges in video production is to successfully communicate multiple messages in a single video.  

Our Client

The Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) serves as the administrator of the Downtown Raleigh Municipal Services District (MSD) and also leverages funds through marketing, communications, and promotional campaigns to attract more customers to support the development of the district.

The Project

The Downtown Raleigh Alliance reached out to us seeking a video sponsorship for their 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony that would take place at the Raleigh Convention Center. The project consisted of producing an exciting event kick-off video that introduced the evening’s theme (Connected), presented the various event sponsors and the vibrant districts of the downtown Raleigh area.

Our first concern was trying to create one single video that had multiple purposes and messages. Many times in video production this is the kiss of death, since you can end-up confusing people and missing your point all together. We only had six weeks until the event, so the lack of time available to develop and execute the project was a challenge. Another challenge was the weather. We were scheduled to film in the first week of January but a snowy weekend pushed back our production and post production schedules. And finally, the fact that DRA was getting sponsor confirmations almost until the last day, it made our editing process a continuous process of change of logos and names. But challenges aside, we focused on the task at hand and were able to capture some exciting footage of businesses, locations and specially people that represented the vibrancy of the downtown area. Another important aspect of the product for us was the music selection. We felt that it needed to have simple lyrics and an upbeat and positive feel to it. The video was a “hit” and very well received. Most importantly, it fit perfectly with the event’s theme and set the mood for the entire evening of speakers and presenters.

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Learn more about the Downtown Raleigh Alliance here.


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