How can you produce a video that features two different brands? We followed the co-marketing formula that Hollywood studios use to market their films!

Our Client

The Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) is Wake County’s voice of the regional business community on transportation.  The group has over 100 leading member companies and 26 member chambers of commerce working together to find transportation solutions that grow our economy.

The Project

In preparation for its annual meeting, RTA reached out to us with an audacious idea: to produce a unique and cinematic short video that would kick-off their most important event of the year and entertain the 1,000 participants in attendance. The key to the concept would be found in a collaboration with NC Courage, Raleigh’s Division I professional women’s soccer team. Using the respective slogans for RTA (“Let’s Get Moving”) and NC Courage (“There Is No Finish Line”), we had our themes. But how would we take these two very different concepts, transportation and soccer, and merge them into a video that was fun, inspirational and needed to be delivered in less than 6 weeks?

With the invaluable assistance of RTA’s Joe Milazzo II and Natalie Griffith, we scripted and storyboarded the project, while also scouting the multiple high-profile locations we knew we would need. And since NC Courage’s soccer season was over, we were able to secure an extended appearance by 2018 NC Courage MVP, Jessica McDonald. We filled out the rest of the “cast” with other RTA volunteers — all very busy executives — who were extraordinarily gracious with their time.

Weeks of preparation paid off and our 2-day shoot went off without a hitch. Armed with the latest camera gimbals and drones and a crucial team of collaborators, everyone had a ton of fun and we think the final product reflects that. The video went on to be a huge success at the event and achieved the client’s goal. It was one of our most interesting and creative projects in recent memory…

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Brios Media is a video production company based in Raleigh, North Carolina and serves clients throughout the research Triangle area and in all 50 US states. 

Learn more about RTA here.


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