Tips & Tricks

The Trophy Case (Study)

Drone Footage 101 

When to Use Stock Footage

How to Create Great Interview Settings

Gimbals: A Videographer’s Best Friend?

Jib Arm (Product Shoot) 

How to Easily Edit Interviews 

What are “About Us” Videos?

Case-Study Videos are Awesome!

Does Music (for video) Really Matter?

The Secret Behind Sales Videos

How To Shoot Great Looking Interviews!

3 Reasons Why Video is so Powerful

3 Good Reasons to Share Your Story

The Secret to Creating Relevant Video Content

Are You a Peacock or a Duck?

Why Testimonial Videos Rock!



Steady Cam Shots : Why We Use Them

4 Easy Ways to Share Videos Online

What is B-Roll Footage?

How to Get Perfect Exterior Footage!

5 Tips to Creating Great Video Content!

What are prime lenses? When should I use them?

Are you “Camera Shy”?  Learn a few tips to help you look and sound natural in front of the camera!

Here’s a basic lighting tip to improve you video work!

Composition of a photo or video is important.  But how about the background? 

One of the biggest objections to video is the cost.  But is it really expensive?

So you’re interested in a professional video? How do you start? Find out…

Shoot against the sun! Yes, really – do it!

What is Depth of Field and how can you use it to make your videos look awesome? Find out…

Video Production does not have to be stressful. Here’s why:

Don’t you hate those narrow video images? Here’s a simple tip to fix that…

Slow Motion! How and when to use it…

Color Grading: One of video production’s best kept secrets!

Jib what? This beautiful piece of equipment is one of our favorites. Find out why…

This video / photo rule is seen everywhere. Follow it and make your work more intriguing…

Use the Foreground

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