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We are visual storytellers specializing in high-quality appealing videos that connect with audiences.

  • Commercial Videos

    Commercials are usually produced in increments of 30 seconds.  Even if our customers initially intend to use them exclusively online, we recommend them to be either 30s or 60s so they can eventually be on television as well.  Our emphasis is on the stability of your product and service in ways that intrigue and move…

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  • Profile Videos

    Profile videos are the absolute best way to introduce yourself and your company to your audience.  A profile video allows an intimate look into your story, who you are, what you do and how you help people in a personal, engaging and effective way.  It showcases your strengths and abilities in a way that few…

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  • Video Marketing University

    Video Marketing University provides practical and useful informational related to both marketing and video production that helps viewers improve their communication with their target audiences.

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Meet Some of Our Clients

  • Paulo Simoes and his crew are brilliant artists! They were able to portray the perfect story of who I am in a unique and organic way. Every detail of the process was thoughtfully planned making sure I was completely relaxed and satisfied every step of the way. Brios Media, Paulo and crew are AMAZING!!!

    Christie Yarbrough – Remax Realtor/Broker
  • Working with Brios has made the complicated world of online course creation easier to navigate. I would never have taken the leap on my own, and now I’m already thinking about my next course!

    Marcey Rader, Best Selling Author & Productivity Coach
  • Paulo’s background is rich with experience, allowing him to bring a unique level of expertise to production. Under his leadership, Brios Media was able to capture our client’s story by beautifully navigating the world of video.

    Seth Crawford, Marketing Strategist


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