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From script and storyboard, right through to talent and location — we provide it all.

“Paulo Simoes and Brios Media are absolutely the best without exception. To say they are professional is an understatement.”
Michael Green
Poiema Arts
“I have been involved with other video creation projects before, but my experience working with Brios was the best I’ve ever had. They were patient and answered all my questions, walked me through the process, and most importantly, they took the time to understand my goals for the project.”
Jennifer Best
“Paulo and his team are true video production experts. Their deep experience and eye for detail bring brand stories to life!”
Peter Dayot
Real Living
Used by over 450+ of the world’s best startups and established enterprises

Let's create memorable videos that boost your brand's engagement and elevate conversion rates!

Introduce your company’s mission, values, and team to your audience. These videos share your story, culture, and what sets you apart from competitors, creating a personal connection with viewers.

Feature real-life success stories from satisfied customers or clients. These videos build trust and credibility by showcasing how your products or services have positively impacted others.

Explain how your services are carried out and set proper expectations for your customers. These videos provide transparency and save you time and money explaining the most frequently asked questions.

Educate and guide viewers through a specific process, product, or service. These videos are designed to inform, teach, and provide valuable knowledge to your internal or external audience.

Promote your products or services by engaging your audience with a creative short format. These videos aim to capture attention, evoke emotion, and encourage viewers to take action.

Recruit and retain top candidates that fit into your organization and buy into your values and culture. These videos highlight what it feels like to be part of your team and a thriving career path.

Provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a product, complete a task or simply educate your audience with practical tips. Aimed at solving problems and answering common questions from your audience while building trust.

Create high-quality videos with ease without breaking the bank! We capture high-definition video and audio where you are using equipment you already have (your webcam or smartphone). It is convenient, stress-free and cost effective. 

Build awareness and scale customer acquisition.

Our brand videos are engineered for performance. You’ll see an immediate increase in inbound acquisition, better ROI vs still images, and a wealth of visual assets to use across any size of campaign.

Half creative agency. Half production company.

Creative that performs

We'll build your concepts using a battle-tested set of frameworks that have been tried across hundreds of videos.

End-to-end process

Have everything fully managed, from storyboarding, to talent, to location, to props and art direction. We don't move forward in our process, unless you're 110% happy.

Content strategy

We'll help you get the best out of each campaign effort. Extend your reach with cut-downs, built with a full-funnel in mind.

Unlock the power of creative video.

No matter what your goals are, we will design and deliver high performing videos that attract, engage and convert for you.

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