Who Cares About Emotion? This is Business

I was recently in a discovery meeting with a prospecting client when I asked her “What is your biggest challenge?”.  Her response: “We are telling our clients what we do. We are scientific driven and logical with the information we share, but we’re not showing who we are in an emotional storytelling way so they can care enough.  If we did that, we would have endless potential”.

That conversation lead me to these thought provoking questions:  How does the world look like from your customers’ perspective? What do they value?  How do they feel about you and your organization? Do they feel personally connected to your brand?  Are you only sharing information or experiences that make them feel something special? Are you crafting your marketing strategies with the purpose of provoking a response?

Emotional branding is not the perfect fit for everyone.  But in most cases, there is a great portion of emotion in any business.  Don’t most of us believe that people will do business with people they know, like and trust?  So, assuming you provide quality services or products at reasonable prices, how your clients and customers feel about you will greatly impact their decision to do business with you.  Would it not? Just think: there is a lot of emotion involved in knowing, liking and trusting someone…

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