Using Props to Reinforce Your Story

If I were to say the word “props” you might think of fake objects that are used on a movie set.  But on any of our video projects, we consider “props” all objects that help reinforce an idea or concept.

Today I’ll be sharing video tips on how to tell better stories by using objects as props.

Chiropractors are all about the alignment of the vertebrae, so here you see Dr. Katie giving health tips while using a prop. And for an architecture and design firm like BSA LifeStructures, we made sure to capture lots of great footage of blueprints and 3D models.

Sometimes we even use props when we create our own tips and tricks videos. So what kind of props can you use to reinforce your story?

For more tips and tricks visit check our Video Tips & Tricks Page here, and while there, make sure to check some of our projects.

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